Jenny Lee Maas self portrait 2015.  Maas hand painted the backdrop, made the gown and designed & built the set.  Photo also by Maas.

Maas working on a sculpture in her studio.  Photo by Nicholas Krolak.


Jenny Lee Maas is a multi media artist and designer and founder of J. L. Maas.

Her work has a broad range from design, film, fashion, mosaic, painter, performer, photography, sculptor and seamstress.  She has showcased her work in galleries, film festivals, public art commissions and on the runway. 

Maas comes from a background of engineers and artists that have inspired her.  She currently is based in Philadelphia, PA. 

Artist Statement:

I investigate the subconscious realities that are offered through symbolism in dreams.  I often make work based on my dreams, because dreams are symbolic interpretations of reality. There is something both lost and born when translating these intangible realities into a physical form.  Many times I work with one concept (or dream) for a time and translate the same idea through various media.  This allows me to investigate thoroughly, as well as experimentally, in turn giving me a wider scope of perspective and understanding.

[perception is everything]

Material choices vary to fit the needs of each piece.

I like an interplay of aesthetics, where material choices create a dialogue of relationships.  These layers of manipulation give clues as to how the final moment was realized. 

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