Digital video still of 'Procession at Dawn' short film.
The album art for 'Psyche's Lullaby' by Maas.
A live performance accompanied by improvised Jazz music at the Painted Bride Art Center 2013.
Rehersal / behind the scenes. Photo by Ola Baldych.
Still Frame from 'Overlooking a Fall' short film, part of the Psyche's Lullaby project.
Frame from 'Overlooking a Fall'
Jenny Lee Maas performance for 'You and I Belong' music video for Simone & Feliece.  Directed by Toby Stretch.  Coustume also by Maas.  Photo by Hunter Siede.
'Mirrorface' video still by Dan McBride, performance and costume by Jenny Lee Maas.
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