Prototype 1; merging fashion, conceptual art & Technology

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Prototype 1 Is a project that Maas is currently seeking patrons & sponsors for.

Prototype 1 is the first completed piece of a collection of garments that incorporate new technology. The concept around the collection is healing the body, and is about Maas’s journey of restoring wellness and merges with the journey of the Healing Guts blog.

Currently Maas has been learning some new technology processes through Rutgers University’s Express Newark / Form Design Studio. This opportunity has helped Maas begin to think of her process and technique differently then before.

The goal of this project is to ultimately have a whole collection that plays with this concept through expressive conceptual fashions that apply new technologies and skills into making them.

Stay tuned on Social media outlets for updates on this project.

Below are some videos of other projects, to help contributors understand my work:

Wave Gown Collection / Spring 2019:

Leaf gowns & Cast Bodice Collection / Spring 2018: